Mobile subscription

Thanks to Wingo's Fair Flat subscription, you only pay for what you really need. Order Wingo Mobile directly here and we'll give you the activation fee and the SIM card for free. You can port your phone number without any problems. The porting can be requested maximum 3 months before the change.

Choose your subscription

Basic price per month

CHF 20.–
CHF 25.–
CHF 58.–

Data included per month (CH/EU)

2 GB
2 GB

Additional GB (CH/EU)

CHF 5 (Max 8 GB for CHF 55)
CHF 5 (Max 8 GB for CHF 55)

Unlimited surfing (CH)

from 8 GB
from 8 GB

Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS (CH)

CHF 1 per day

Frequently asked questions about Teleboy Mobile

Can I also benefit from the Wingo promotions at Teleboy?

Yes, we have the same promos as Wingo. Even if this is not shown in the order process, if a promotion is active at Wingo, you can get it here too.

How long is the minimum term?

There is usually no minimum contract period with Wingo. However, certain promotions do have a minimum contract period, which you must observe when you cancel the Services OR the contract. The notice period is 60 days.

Can I keep my mobile number?

You can take your mobile number with you to Wingo. However, you can request the porting at most 6 months before you switch to Wingo. You will receive your new Wingo SIM card ten days before you activate your Wingo Mobile subscription.

Do I have to cancel my mobile contract with the previous provider myself?

No. Order your Wingo Mobile subscription now and Wingo will do everything for you. All you have to do is change the SIM card that we send to your home on the day you activate your Wingo Mobile subscription. Wingo will keep you informed of the launch date by e-mail and SMS.

How can I change my subscription (Fair Surf, Fair Flat, Fair Europe)?

To change your subscription, go to myWingo and select the subscription that suits you best under "My subscription". A change to a higher subscription (subscription with a higher subscription fee) will take place a few days later. A change to a lower subscription must be requested 60 days in advance. Please note that when you change your subscription, you may lose any promotions you are currently benefiting from. Don't worry, you will be informed before the change is confirmed.

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