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Mobile subscriptions at a glance

Do you often travel within Europe or to North America on business? Do you want unlimited data in Switzerland? Or do you need your subscription primarily for making calls? No matter how and where you want to use your mobile phone, we have the right subscription for you.

On Sunrise's 5G network
No minimum term
Combi offers
CHF 27.90 / month
CHF 23.90 with internet subscription


  • Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS (CH)
  • Unlimited data (CH) on the 5G network
  • 5 GB data included per month in the EU, USA/Canada
CHF 21.90 / month
CHF 17.90 with internet subscription


  • Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS (CH)
  • Unlimited data (CH) on the 5G network
  • Roaming package bookable:
    1 GB from CHF 10.–
CHF 14.90 / month


  • Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS (CH)
  • Unlimited data for messaging & emails
  • Roaming package bookable:
    1 GB from CHF 10.–

Combine your mobile subscription with internet and benefit from special prices.

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Data subscriptions for mobile devices

Do you want to use your smartwatch without a phone? Would you like to work online with your tablet or laptop from anywhere? Or are you looking for a stable internet connection via an LTE router in your holiday apartment? With Teleboy data subscriptions, you get mobile data tailored to your needs, from 10 to 300 Mbit/s. Unlimited and on the 5G network.

  • Mobile Data 10
    CHF 9.90
  • Mobile Data 50
    CHF 19.90
  • Mobile Data 300
    CHF 29.90
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Why Teleboy?

No throttling

The speed is not reduced with Teleboy Mobile – no matter how much data you use.

Easy payment

You can pay easily with your postcard, credit card, via eBill or by invoice.

Fair price

Our prices are fair and affordable for life – in combination with the Internet you even benefit twice.

No minimum term

You can cancel your subscription at any time with a notice period of 60 days to the end of a month.

100% digital

No unnecessary printouts or mailings – the process is completely digital.

Best 5G network

Benefit from the latest mobile technology and the best network coverage!

Switch to Teleboy Mobile in just a few steps

We focus on simplicity. The entire ordering process is 100% digital. This means that your subscription is ordered in just a few minutes - without any paperwork. Then we take care of the rest - including cancelling your subscription with your current provider.

Our Awards

Teleboy Mobile offers a superior network thanks to our partnership with Sunrise.

Teleboy achieved several top rankings in the «Mobile Providers 2022» study.

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Frequently asked questions about the mobile subscriptions

How long is the special offer on the website valid?

The price is valid a lifetime. Tip: If you combine the subscription with internet, you get Teleboy Mobile for another CHF 5.- cheaper. So instead of CHF 29, you pay CHF 24.

What are the terms and conditions of the mobile subscription?

There is no minimum term. The notice period is 60 days - cancellable at the end of each month. The activation fee including SIM card is CHF 49. Tip: If you combine the mobile subscription with internet, you only pay the activation fee once. However, you must order both subscriptions at the same time.

Do I have to cancel my mobile contract with my current provider myself?

No, we will take care of the cancellation for you. You don't have to do anything except to provide us with a few details in the order process.

Is the data volume with the mobile subscription really unlimited?

Yes, the data volume is really unlimited and no speed is throttled. However, the speed may be temporarily reduced in the event of network congestion - this is the case with all providers and is extremely rare.

What are the charges for roaming / telephony abroad?

A list of all tariffs and fees can be found here. More info

How does the switch to Teleboy Mobile work?

Switching providers is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Select a subscription, enter your data, upload your ID/passport and selfie. We'll take care of the rest for you. Everything without any paperwork.

I already have an internet subscription. How do I get the discounted mobile subscription?

Go to the "Mobile" tab in your customer profile. There you have the possibility to order the discounted subscription for only CHF 24 instead of CHF 39 per month.

What options are there if I want to take over my number?

You have the following options: Either you order the Teleboy subscription for the earliest possible end of contract with your current provider. Or: You order the subscription for the earliest possible date. In this case, we will immediately terminate the contract with your current provider - regardless of any contractual conditions. Please note: Your previous provider will charge you the fees for the remaining term - and possibly an additional penalty fee. We recommend that you clarify this in advance. With both options, we will take care of cancelling your contract with your existing provider for you.

How do I get the one-time free 1GB roaming data package (EU/USA)?

You can activate the gift in the Customer Centre. From this point on, the data package is valid for 12 months. If the data volume is not used, it expires. If you have used up the data package, you can order additional data packages at any time for a fee via the Customer Centre.

On which mobile network is Teleboy?

We use the Sunrise network. With a network coverage of 99%, Sunrise has been awarded the best network in Switzerland several times and in several disciplines in recent years.

Is WiFi Calling and Visual Voicemail available?

Yes, these functions are available, but must be activated once in the settings on your personal mobile phone. You can find more information in our FAQ.

How does personal identification work, which is necessary for mobile subscriptions?

In the second or third step of the order process, you will be asked to photograph your ID or passport directly or upload it as a document/image. In addition, a current selfie is required, which you create directly with your computer, mobile phone or tablet. For this step, we access your camera for a short time. The internet browser will ask you to accept this. The uploaded pictures and documents will be verified by us after the order. If you do not complete the order, all documents/images will be deleted immediately and permanently.

Is Multi-SIM and eSIM available with Teleboy Mobile?

At the moment, neither is possible. However, we are working on it and should be able to offer these options in the future.

Further questions?

Visit our support page.