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Streaming boxes

With a streaming box, you can enjoy the Teleboy app and many other applications on your TV. This makes you independent of your TV model and gives you excellent app performance.

Why a streaming box?


Regardless of model and manufacturer, the streaming box can be connected to any TV.

Easy to use

Controlling the apps on the interface of the streaming box is simple and intuitive.

Best quality

With a TV box, you can enjoy the latest standards for picture and sound quality as well as stable and fast streaming performance.

Apple or Android TV boxes

With Teleboy TV for streaming boxes, you can enjoy all the features of the app in top quality. Apple and Android TV boxes are supported. For an optimal experience, we recommend that you always equip your devices with the latest updates.

  • apple
  • nokia
  • nvidia
  • xiaomi

"Where can I download the latest Teleboy app?"

TV boxes Operating system Availability from system version
Apple TV tvOS tvOS 16
Nokia-TV-Box Android TV from Android 6.0
Xiaomi Box Android TV from Android 6.0
Google Stick Android TV from Android 6.0
nVidia Shield TV Android TV from Android 6.0

Don't have a TV subscription yet?

With a subscription to Teleboy TV you can enjoy even more benefits and great features!

To the subscriptions

Teleboy TV Free
Full HD -
Dolby Digital -
7-day replay -
Recordings 2400 h 5 h
Worldwide recordings -
Available on TV -
Parallel use 5 devices 1 devices
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