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Refer as many people as you want! For example, if they order mobile subscriptions for all 4 family members, you will receive a CHF 4.00 reduction each.

What referral type are you?

Type 1: Saves CHF 5.– every month

James has a combi subscription with internet, TV, landline and mobile. This saves him money and gives him everything from one source. He recently convinced his best friend to do the same. James now saves even more: his bill has been reduced by CHF 5.– a month.

Type 2: Surfs the internet for free

Clara is satisfied with her Teleboy internet and TV subscription. She spreads the word to her friends and manages to convince six of them to sign up for Teleboy. Thanks to the commissions, she now uses her internet subscription for free.

Type 3: Earns extra money every month

Emily is a blogger and writes about telecommunications. She has built up a small business by recommending Teleboy on her blog to earn some extra money with every successful referral.

Type 4: Supports club members

The members of FC Hilltop recommend Teleboy to the whole village. It pays off. Thanks to the commissions generated by their referrals, the committee can support its young players even better.

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Save money

Internet with TV, landline or mobile: recommend Teleboy to others and reduce the price of your subscription – or even earn money.

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With your own website, you can reach out to your family and friends individually.

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In your Cockpit, you'll always have an overview of your costs and savings from your recommendations.