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Data subscriptions:
always online on the road

Unlimited data throughout Switzerland
on the Sunrise 5G network.

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Data subscriptions at a glance

With Teleboy’s data subscriptions, you’re always connected, even when you’re away from home. Do you want to check your emails on your tablet while you’re on the road, or do you simply need a stable wifi network in your holiday apartment in the mountains? For as little as CHF 9.90 per month, you can get online with unlimited access to the 5G network.

Surfing with 5G
On the best Sunrise network
No minimum term
CHF 29.90 / month

Mobile Data 300 Mobile Data 300

  • Unlimited data (CH)
  • 300 Mbit/s maximum speed
  • Roaming package bookable:
    1 GB from CHF 10.–
CHF 19.90 / month

Mobile Data 50 Mobile Data 50

  • Unlimited data (CH)
  • 50 Mbit/s maximum speed
  • Roaming package bookable:
    1 GB from CHF 10.–
CHF 9.90 / month

Mobile Data 10 Mobile Data 10

  • Unlimited data (CH)
  • 10 Mbit/s maximum speed
  • Roaming package bookable:
    1 GB from CHF 10.–

LTE router

Whether at home or in your holiday apartment, with the Data 300 subscription, you are guaranteed a stable wifi network and can get online with up to 300 Mbit/s – perfect for video calls and streaming.

Laptop or tablet

Working remotely with your laptop in a café? Watching your favourite series on your tablet during a train ride? With the Data 50 subscription, you can surf and stream wherever you are.

LTE-capable devices

Keep an eye on your fitness data on your smartwatch, even if you don’t have your phone with you – or connect other LTE-enabled devices to your home network. With the Data 10 subscription, your devices are always online.

Mobile subscriptions

No matter whether you like to chat on the phone, want unlimited surfing at any time, want to use mobile data while traveling, or all of the above, we have the right mobile offers for you – affordable and flexible.

To the mobile subscriptions

Why Teleboy?

No throttling

The speed is not reduced with Teleboy Mobile – no matter how much data you use.

Easy payment

You can pay easily with your postcard, credit card, via eBill or by invoice.

Fair price

Our prices are fair and affordable for life – in combination with the Internet you even benefit twice.

No minimum term

You can cancel your subscription at any time with a notice period of 60 days to the end of a month.

100% digital

No unnecessary printouts or mailings – the process is completely digital.

Best 5G network

Benefit from the latest mobile technology and the best network coverage!

Switch to Teleboy Mobile in just a few steps

We focus on simplicity. The entire ordering process is 100% digital. This means that your subscription is ordered in just a few minutes - without any paperwork. Then we take care of the rest - including cancelling your subscription with your current provider.

Our Awards

Teleboy Mobile offers a superior network thanks to our partnership with Sunrise.

Teleboy achieved several top rankings in the «Mobile Providers 2022» study.

Frequently asked questions about the data subscriptions

What are the contract terms of the data subscriptions?

There is no minimum term. The cancellation period is 60 days to the end of the month. The activation fee incl. SIM card is a one-time fee of CHF 49.00.

Are data subscriptions suitable as an alternative to a classic DSL or fiber-optic connection?

In principle, yes. However, check in advance whether your cell phone reception is sufficient at the location of use. For our data subscriptions we use the mobile network of Sunrise. Please note that the speed can vary depending on the capacity utilization of the network.

Can I also use the data subscription abroad?

Yes, you can buy a roaming package in the customer center. 1 GB for EU, USA & Canada is bookable for CHF 10.00.

Is the data volume with the data subscription really unlimited?

Yes, the data volume is really unlimited and no speed is throttled. However, the speed may be temporarily reduced in case of network congestion. This is the case with all providers and is extremely rare.

Can I change my data subscription at any time?

Basically yes. Simply write a message to our support team using the contact form. At a later date, this will also be possible directly via the customer center.

Can I order multiple data subscriptions for myself or a company?

In principle, yes. However, you have to place the order individually. If you order the subscriptions for a company, you can simply enter the company data in the order process.

Are the specified speeds guaranteed?

No. As usual in mobile communications, these are maximum values. The speed depends in each case on the distance to the nearest antenna, utilization of the mobile network, the performance of the device and other external influences (e.g. weather, interference signals from other devices, etc.).

Can I make phone calls or send SMS with the data subscription?

This is not possible with the conventional phone or SMS function. However, you can use services like WhatsApp, Skype or similar.

Is multi-SIM and eSIM available with the data subscriptions?

At the moment, neither is possible. But we are working on it and should be able to offer these options in the future.