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Affordable calls at home

With a Teleboy Internet subscription, you can add a landline option at any time and enjoy long calls in the comfort of your home. Low-cost options for calls at home – including with the best sound quality – are available from just CHF 5.00 per month.

Landline options at a glance

CHF 5.- / month


  • Incoming calls for free
  • Outgoing calls: Prices according rates
CHF 20.- / month


  • Incoming calls for free
  • Outgoing calls (CH) to landline and mobile networks for free

Our landline rates

For chatterboxes and everyone else who makes frequent calls, we recommend our Flat option for CHF 20.00 per month. If you want to be reachable mainly on your landline and only make calls rarely, our Basic rate is the best option for you. The prices are shown in the rates overview.

Landline (in CHF/minute) Mobile network (in CHF/minute)
Switzerland 0.03 0.22
France, Germany, Austria, Italy 0.05 0.40
Liechtenstein 0.10 0.66
Portugal, Croatia 0.10 0.50
Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro 0.30 0.65
Turkey 0.10 0.50
Spain 0.05 0.40
USA, Canada 0.05 0.05
Connection setup fee: CHF 0.04/call

Other rates

Why Teleboy Landline?

Personal assistant

Set up your mailbox so your answering machine can take calls when you can’t.

No marketing calls

The activated call filter blocks annoying marketing calls.

No hidden costs

All costs are communicated transparently to avoid nasty surprises.

Switch at any time

Want to chat for longer without worrying about the cost? Simply adjust your subscription.

Best voice quality

Thanks to state-of-the-art IP telephony, you can enjoy crystal-clear calls, almost like you’re in the same room.

Combi offers

Simply add TV and Mobile to your Teleboy Internet and Landline subscription and save up to CHF 108.00 per year.

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Frequently asked questions about landline options

Can I take my existing landline number with me to Teleboy?

Yes, you can transfer any landline number to Teleboy. To do so, simply let us know the details of your current provider during the order process. There is a one-off fee of CHF 21.00 for porting the number.

Do I need a Teleboy Internet subscription to use the Teleboy Landline?

Yes, a Teleboy Internet subscription is required for a Teleboy Landline subscription.

Do I have to configure or set up anything else for my phone to work?

If you order an Internet and Landline subscription from Teleboy, the fixed-network connection will be preconfigured for you. All you have to do is connect your phone and you can start calling right away. If you use your own router, you will have to enter the login data once. We will send you the necessary SIP access data by email.

Which phone do I need for a Teleboy Landline subscription?

Both IP and analogue phones work. This means you can usually keep using your existing landline phone. Otherwise, we recommend the «FRITZ!Fon» from AVM, which works perfectly with our Wi-Fi routers.

Can I port or order multiple phone numbers?

You can only port or order one phone number during the order process. For multiple phone numbers, please contact our support team directly.

Do I have to cancel my landline subscription with my current provider myself?

If you want to port your current phone number to Teleboy, it is not usually necessary to cancel your contract with your current provider. However, in most cases, your landline subscription is linked to an internet subscription. You will therefore need to cancel this combination package with your current provider.

Can I change or cancel my Teleboy Landline subscription at any time?

Yes, and you can switch from the Basic to the Flat option and vice versa at any time. The best way to do this is to contact support directly. In the future, it will also be possible to make changes directly in your «myTeleboy» customer profile.

What is the area code of Teleboy’s Landline phone numbers?

If you order a Teleboy Landline subscription with a new phone number, you can select the desired area code (e.g. 044, 056, etc.) directly during the order process.

Will Teleboy provide me with the SIP data?

Yes, we will send you the SIP data by email. This way, you can also use the landline connection with your own router or with another VoIP client, for example.

Can I make several calls at the same time?

When using an IP phone (or via DECT), you can make up to three calls simultaneously. With an analogue phone on the FON connection, only one call is possible.

Is an answering machine function available with Teleboy Landline?

Yes, we provide you with a mailbox. You can configure your answering machine directly on the Wi-Fi router or, if available, on the phone itself.

Is there a Teleboy Landline flat rate for international calls?

No, a landline flat rate for international calls is not available at present.