Privacy Policy

MyTV Ltd. (hereinafter "MyTV") strives to value and protect your privacy. This document describes how we survey and process personal data (information that allows or facilitates the determination of your identity) across our websites,,, and, as well as via our applications (hereinafter together as "websites"). By providing your personal data and using our services, you agree that we process your personal data according to this document.

    1. You can browse our websites and services without providing any personal data. We do only request personal data where it is a prerequisite for the usage of our services, particularly for the acquisition and handling of subscriptions. Some personal data is to be provided during the registration on our websites. This includes your full name, date of birth, address, email address and phone number. If you choose to register with your Facebook account, you provide us with additional data such as your profile picture, gender and names of your friends. To acquire a subscription, we will survey further data such as your preferred means of payment (out of the options provided by us) for unique or recurring payments. Credit Card payments are handled by our partner SIX Group; we do only receive information about the type, expiration date and the last four digits of your credit card. Payments via PostCard are handled by our partner PostFinance; they do only notify us about the successful payment. Furthermore, we survey data to optimize the usage of the websites in general, to facilitate your use of the websites, gain inputs to improve our services and to tailor our marketing activities to the needs of our customers. Cookies are also used while collecting and processing such data. For more information regarding the functionality of cookies and your possible choices, please refer to Article 4.
    1. We survey and process your personal data diligently, faithfully, only compliant with this document and only to the therefore required extend. We do only store your personal data to the extend described herein or required by law. Websites of MyTV can recognize if you are already registered on either of these websites by accessing information stored in cookies. MyTV will only share your personal data with the above-mentioned websites if you register with MyTV and explicitly grant MyTV the right to share your data with MyTV. In every case, all processing is bound to this document. The username you choose during registration will be shown to other users when using certain functions of the websites. Users can, for example, see what other users are currently watching the same broadcast. Through the corresponding settings in your profile, you can chose to restrict this information to your friends or completely disable any sharing. Your personal data will be shared with our payment partners SIX Group and PostFinance in case they do not collect all required data themselves. SIX Group and PostFinance have committed to universally accepted principles of data processing. Subject to an order by the authorities or courts, we will not share any of your personal data with third parties other than those mentioned in this privacy policy.
    1. We take reasonable organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from manipulation, lost, destruction or unauthorized processing. Only people directly in charge of administering subscriptions or maintenance of our servers have access to said data. Extensive security measures protect our servers from unauthorized access. For all financial transactions, our partners SIX Group and PostFinance apply a SSL encryption technology to keep your data safe at any time. We continuously improve our security measures according to the technical development. Despite these efforts, we cannot be held liable for damages resulting from data loss or unauthorized access.
    1. We use so-called Cookies to facilitate the usage of our services and to gather insights on how we could improve them. Cookies are small text files that the web browser stores in a designated directory on the user's computer. Both permanent and session cookies are used to achieves this. Permanent cookies enable features such as saving your preferences (i.e. the personalized channel list) or the automatic login, if the user choses to enable this. Session cookies do store for example clicked events or broadcasts and thereby help to find this information at a later point during the session. We market our online advertising space in our own network in collaboration with Zattoo, as well as via other networks like Stailamedia, Adwebster, Tradedoubler, Admazing/Adfinity and Goldbach Media ("advertising networks"). These advertising networks do also set cookies in order to deliver advertisements that match the user's visible needs. Further information about the functionality of advertising networks and your choices concerning this matter can be found on (only available in German, French and Italian). We use Google Analytics and NetMetrix (hereinafter "web analysis services") to evaluate the usage of our websites and to gather information regarding possible improvements of our services. The web analysis services apply cookies to analyze the usage of our websites and generate reports for us, that are based on this information. NetMetrix is a service provided by the NET-Metrix Ltd. (Switzerland). Google Analytics is a service provided by Google Inc. (USA). NET-Metrix and Google have committed to universally accepted principles of data processing. They do only store the information gathered through cookies in anonymous form and process the information on an aggregated basis. NET-Metrix saves and processes all information gathered through cookies in Switzerland. Google transmits the information gathered through cookies to their servers in the USA for processing. For more information regarding the function of these web analysis services, as well as your choices in that regard, please refer directly to their respective privacy policies. Further cookies are set by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, if you choose to use the social plugins on certain of our websites (cf. Article 5) or if you chose to log in with your Facebook credentials (cf. Article 1). You are free to limit or disable cookies through the respective settings of your browser, as well as to enable a warning whenever a websites wants to store a cookie, at any time. Our websites can generally be used without accepting any cookies. However, some of our services might be limited or unavailable if cookies are disabled.
    1. Our websites refer to our presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter "social networks"). Some of our websites (e.g. detail page for specific broadcast) feature social plugins, for example Facebook's «like» button or a «tweet» button by Twitter (hereinafter "plugins"). The plugins are labelled with a logo or a text hint. If you browse one of these site within our websites, your browser establishes a connection with the servers of the respective networks. The content of the plugins is delivered directly by the network's server and just embedded on our site. If you are logged in to one or several of these networks, the network can potentially assign your visit on our websites to your profile within that network. Interacting with a plugin will transmit this information to the network's servers. The networks can then assigns this information to your account in that respective network. For more information regarding purpose and extend of data collection and further processing and usage of this data within the networks, please refer to their respective privacy policies.
    1. MyTV keeps you up to date in regards to our respective services and relevant developments. This information is provided via a newsletter for news and offerings («Neuerungen und Aktionen», not available in English) and via specific newsletters for the respective website (e.g. Cineman Newsletter, TV Newsletter, Events Newsletter). These newsletters can contain general information for the specific services and contents, as well as personalized information that is selected for you individually. This selection is based on your personal preferences (e.g. personalized list of channels) and your past usage of our services. During the registration process, you can chose not to subscribe to specific or all newsletters. You can also modify your subscription status for every newsletter individually at any time after the registration in your profile settings. Alternatively, ever newsletter features a direct link to unsubscribe in its footer.
    1. You may request, free of charge, if and which of your personal data is stored by us. (Art. 8 DPA). Furthermore, you may request that any of your incorrect data shall be corrected (Art. 5(2) DPA). Please direct such requests in writing, including a copy of an official identification document, to: MyTV AG, Seestrasse 513, 8038 Zürich.
    1. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Modifications will be published on the websites and will be coming into force with their publication.
    1. Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or our privacy protection in general, please refer to: [email protected] or: MyTV AG, Seestrasse 513, 8038 Zürich.

      Zürich, July 2016