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Test the speed of your Internet line. It focuses on the speed of downloads in Mbps, uploads in Mbps and the calculation of the ping or jitter value in Ms (milliseconds). Mbps: Megabit per second. Ping: Time span between the sending of a data packet and the response to it. Jitter: The variation in time between the reception of two data packets. The smaller the values, the better.

Short instruction

For an optimal result of the speed test this should not be done via WLAN but directly via LAN cable. In addition, no other devices should be connected to the WLAN during the speed test.

  1. Disconnect the WLAN router for 2 minutes before the speed test.
  2. Disconnect all devices from the WLAN router and connect the PC/laptop directly via LAN cable.
  3. Restart the PC/laptop and open a browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox).
  4. Open the Teleboy Speedtest page.
  5. Make 2-3 measurements to detect any unevenness.

Please note

  • The speed of Gigabit LAN is not 1000 Mbps. The maximum achievable speed under optimal conditions is 940 Mbit/s (Ethernet throughput limit).
  • When running the speed test via WLAN, only limited accurate measurement results can be expected. The speed test is best performed with an 8-wire LAN cable (at least Cat 5e).
  • A firewall in the browser must be deactivated before starting the speed test.
  • The hardware performance of the WLAN router can also reduce the maximum speed, and with it too low CPU performance, for example.
  • Some web browsers can cause problems in connection with certain operating systems. In this case you should run the speed test on at least two different browsers.