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We will assist you in cancelling your existing Internet/TV/telephone contract.

Have you decided to switch to Teleboy Home and need some assistance in changing your current provider? We have compiled all the important forms and links for you to make the process as easy as possible.

Cancel cable and save around CHF 400!

With Teleboy Home you no longer need cable as the Internet is accessed via the fixed line connection. Cancel cable now directly or with your landlord. Cancel cable now!

If you pay for cable via the ancillary costs or the flat rate rental costs, you can cancel the connection directly with your landlord. Go to the form

If you receive your invoice directly from your cable provider, fill in this form .

You can cancel your cable and any Internet/TV subscriptions with your cable provider here. Go to the form

Your consumer rights

According to Article 35a of the Swiss Telecommunications Act

“User fees may not be charged if (...) the connection was canceled; the telecommunications provider or, if applicable, the landlord allows for an appropriate notice period.”

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According to the Renter’s Association

If the landlord has canceled the subscription and thus no longer pays a basic fee to the carrier, it is considered a contract modification that they shall inform the tenant of by way of an official form. Once the notice period is over, the rent shall be reduced by the corresponding amount.

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