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Smart TVs

You already have a modern TV set on which you want to watch TV? Then simply download the Teleboy TV app on your smart TV. Simply search for "Teleboy" in the relevant app store and log in to your account. Now you can sit back and access all the features you are used to.

Teleboy on Smart TVs

Something for everyone

Teleboy TV is available for all common smart TVs in the respective app store.

Your remote control, your rules!

You use the Teleboy TV app with your remote control - no need to get used to it.

No additional device required

No additional costs for extra devices or additional TV boxes.

App on smart TVs

Live TV, 7-day replay, Teleboy Community and many other features can be enjoyed at home on the smart TV of your choice. The Teleboy TV app is available for Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips smart TVs in your device's app store.

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"Where can I download the latest Teleboy app?"

TV Operating system Availability by model
Samsung Tizen from 2015
LG LG Web OS from 2020
Sony Android TV from 2016
Philips Saphi Not available
Philips Android TV from 2016
Philips WhaleOS from 2020
Panasonic Android from 2016
Panasonic My Home Screen Not available
Sharp Android from 2016
Grundig Android from 2016
Loewe Loewe OS Not available

Don't have a TV subscription yet?

With a subscription to Teleboy TV you can enjoy even more benefits and great features!

To the subscriptions

Teleboy TV Free
Full HD -
Dolby Digital - -
7-day replay -
Recordings 2400 h 5 h
Worldwide recordings -
Available on TV -
Parallel use 5 devices 1 devices
Download - -