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Teleboy connects you with the world, whether at home or on the road. Internet, TV, Mobile & Landline: We offer the best infrastructure and the best network on the market. Always at an advantageous price.

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Why Teleboy?

Fair prices

No bait-and-switch policy. No tiered pricing. Subscription adjustments possible at any time and for free.


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Personal support

Our support is always there for you by phone, email, chat and social media.

Strong infrastructure

The best in the telecommunications market: Internet from Swisscom, 5G network from Sunrise, and TV from Teleboy.

Save money

Combine the Internet subscription with TV, landline, mobile and save up to CHF 108.00 per year.

Easy payment

You can pay easily with your postcard, credit card, via eBill or by invoice.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any additional costs for the internet connection?

No, everything is included in the price mentioned on the website. No additional connection costs from Swisscom are charged. In exceptional cases, or if the line number cannot be determined, an electrician is required to re-transfer the line in the house connection box. However, this would be required with every provider. Teleboy will not cover the costs of around CHF 150. Tip: You can cancel your cable connection and save another CHF 30 per month.

How does switching from my existing provider to Teleboy work?

The best thing to do first is to check when you can cancel your subscription with the existing provider. As a rule, the notice period is 2 to 3 months. As soon as you have cancelled the subscription and know the date when your subscription will be terminated, you can order the subscription online from us. As the start date you enter the end date of your current provider, so that the connection can be taken over as seamlessly as possible.

How long does the activation usually take?

It usually takes 5 to 7 days from order to activation. Depending on whether it is a DSL or fibre-optic connection, it can take up to 14 days in exceptional cases, e.g. if a fibre-optic socket has not yet been installed. In this case the installation by a service partner is free of charge.

Can I adjust the Internet speed at any time?

Yes, you can have us adjust the speed at any time free of charge - both upwards and downwards. In the future, this will also be possible directly in the customer center.

What network does Teleboy use for the Internet?

We use the telephone lines or the copper and fibre optic lines of Swisscom. As a rule, every household has a telephone and/or fibre-optic line. An Internet subscription via the upc cable connection is not possible.

What are the contract conditions?

The minimum contract duration is 12 months. Thereafter, the contract can be terminated at the end of each month with a notice period of 60 days. Early termination of the contract is possible at relatively favourable conditions.

What speed is available at my address?

You can check it at If no result is displayed, you are welcome to contact our support - We will check it manually for you. The effective possible speed depends on various factors - e.g. distance to the distributor, age or quality of the house cabling, etc. DSL is generally possible from 20 to 100 Mbit/s, fiber optic from 20 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.