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A TV subscription for all your needs

Root for your team live at major sporting events, watch your favourite shows when and where you want, and share your recordings with friends. Become part of the Teleboy community and stream on your smartphone on the train, or watch on your TV at home – in Full HD and Dolby Digital on up to five devices at the same time.

Teleboy TV | CHF 14.90

  • 7-day replay:

    time-shifted TV streaming for one week
  • 2400 hours

    of unlimited recording storage
  • Share your video library

    and borrow recordings
  • Cinema feeling

    with Dolby Digital, Dual Audio & subtitles
  • Downloads

    of your recordings for on the road
  • New:

    Create up to 5 profiles within your household

Combi offer with Internet subscription for only CHF 11.90 instead of CHF 14.90/month

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Teleboy TV Free
Video quality Full HD HD
Dolby Digital -
7-day replay -
Timeshift -
Download -
Recordings 2400 h 5 h
Series recordings -
Worldwide recordings -
Available on TV -
Parallele use 5 devices 1 devices
Dual-channel audio
Community -
Ads-free switching on live TV -
Werbung überspringen im Replay With «Skip-Ad» function (optional) -

Why Teleboy TV?

Huge channel selection

Create your personal channel list with your favorites from over 300 channels.

Simple handling

This is not something we say ourselves, but rather our dear customers and experts.

Fair price

No bait-and-switch policy. No tiered pricing. Instead, discounts for internet combos.


Curated content and personal tips directly from our own TV experts.

Regular updates

Your feedback is important to us. That's why there are new updates at regular intervals.

Cancelable at any time

Subscriptions can be cancelled online at any time – without hurdles, with just a few clicks.

Your personal TV worlds with profiles

As a household, you can use the Teleboy TV subscription with different profiles. With your own profile, you benefit from personal channel lists, star alerts and you receive recommendations that are tailored to you. You can also continue to stream on up to 5 devices at the same time - whether at home on the TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

TV tips from our editorial team

The TV event of the day, exciting themes for binge-watching, the big sporting events, the most popular film genres: With daily TV tips and versatile theme pages from our in-house editorial team, you’re sure to never miss a TV highlight again – and you’ll discover lots of new interesting shows!

Share your recordings

With Teleboy TV, there’s always something to watch! Be it an episode of your favourite series or a blockbuster with the best Hollywood actors. If you miss a show, simply borrow it from your friends. It couldn’t be easier: Simply connect with other Teleboy users and share recordings from your personal video libraries with each other.

News from the world of Teleboy

Frequently asked questions about TV

What are the conditions for the lifetime 20% discount promotion?

This unlimited offer includes a permanent discount of 20% on the Teleboy TV subscription. With the discount code TVLT20P, the TV subscription costs only CHF 11.90 instead of CHF 14.90 per month for life. The offer is only valid for the TV subscription without the optional Skip-Ad function. The discount code can be redeemed at the top of this website.

What has changed for replay TV in Switzerland?

New regulations for time-shifted TV (replay TV) apply in Switzerland. Broadcasters that are part of the new industry agreement can now place dynamic advertising formats with TV streaming providers. This means, for example, you can be shown a short video when you start a replay broadcast. At this stage, we expect this dynamic advertising to be much shorter than linear TV advertising. However, unlike linear TV ads, the new ad formats are no longer skippable without an additional «skip ad» function.

Is the new «skip ad» option for CHF 5.00 per month worth it for me?

This will largely depend on your individual circumstances. If you mainly watch public channels (SRF, ARD, ZDF, ORF, etc.) or international channels outside of Switzerland and Germany, you will probably never come across the new replay ads, or only rarely. And those who frequently watch recordings or download content won’t either. For those who mainly consume the various private channels of the RTL Group, ProSiebenSat.1 Media and CH Media (3+,4+,5+, TV24, etc.) and use the pause or rewind function a lot for replay broadcasts, the additional option may well be worth it. Another big advantage over before is the «skip ad» function: You can now skip the conventional advertising in replay broadcasts with just one click and carry on watching from the right place again – to the exact second. Prefer the old way? No problem: You can switch back to the other subscription model at any time with just a few clicks.

On which devices can I use Teleboy TV?

Teleboy TV is available on apps for iPhone or iPad and on Android smartphones or tablets (Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ASUS, Sony, etc.). On the big screen, Teleboy is available on apps for Samsung TV, Apple TV, on streaming boxes for Android TV (Nokia, Nvidia, Xiaomi, etc.) and on TVs with integrated Android TV (Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, Xiaomi, TCL, etc.). An app for LG TVs will follow at a later date. Before ordering, please check if Teleboy can be found in the App Store on your device. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

What Internet speed do I need for Teleboy TV?

For a smooth, good TV picture in HD, we recommend at least 10 Mbps. But the more, the better, especially if the Internet connection is shared with other people. But it will also generally work on a mobile phone with 4G/5G reception.

Which channels are available at Teleboy?

Over 300 national and international channels are available on Teleboy, most of them in the best HD or Full HD quality. We are constantly expanding the range of channels. You can see all available channels with detailed information at

Can I also use the TV subscription abroad?

You have worldwide access to all your personal recordings at any time. You also have access to all programmes that you have downloaded in advance. For copyright reasons, the live TV and replay functions are only available in Switzerland.

Can I share the TV subscription with other people?

You have worldwide access to all your personal recordings at any time. You also have access to all programmes that you have downloaded in advance. For copyright reasons, the live TV and replay functions are only available in Switzerland.

Is there a minimum contract period for the subscription?

No. The subscription can be cancelled online at any time with just a few clicks in the customer account. So you can simply try out the offer for a month.

How can I pay for the TV subscription?

You can pay for the subscription by credit card (VISA or Mastercard), Postcard or TWINT. If you combine the TV subscription with an Internet subscription, you can also choose to pay by invoice or eBill.

Does the TV subscription work with any Internet provider?

Yes, the subscription doesn’t depend on the Internet connection and can basically be combined with an Internet subscription from any provider. However, the best choice is an Internet subscription from Teleboy, as it is perfectly matched to the TV subscription. You also get a great discount when signing up in combination with Teleboy Internet.

Is a TV box included when ordering a TV subscription?

As with Netflix, Disney, Sky, etc., no streaming box is included with Teleboy. But many users already have a suitable player (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV, other streaming box) and everyone can decide for themselves what kind of device they want to use.