Monday, 21. August 2017 • 18:00 - 18:30
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Come Dine with Me

The competition comes from in and around Hastings, where the first host is 52-year-old nursery owner Louise, who's married to a farmer. Louise is hosting a fun-filled evening of Thai food, even though she's never been near Thailand. Her guests are horse-mad Emily, who's 40, 56-year-old Caribbean takeaway owner Clive, 23-year-old beauty therapist Chiara and mature student and self-confessed foodie Gary. A power cut threatens to scupper Louise's night before it's even started, until her husband Roddy and his generator come to the rescue. But will the night impress the guests, and particularly the self-appointed Thai food expert at the table?

Länge: 30 Minuten