Freitag, 11. August 2017 • 13:05 - 14:05
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Couples Come Dine with Me

Competitive duo Marie and Gavin host first in Cornwall. Despite Marie's nerves, her food gets a glowing response from sandwich shop owner Sam, who licks her plate clean. And Sam surprises the others as she reveals that she and Nick share a mutual love of Friesian cows and had a pagan wedding. On the second night the guests are keen to get the bottom of the age gap between their hosts, 25-year-old Beki and 55-year-old Barry, and Sam and Nick share their plans to survive a zombie apocalypse. On the last night, Sam and Nick welcome their guests into their home while holding pitchforks, but can their simple food done well make up for the weirdness?

Länge: 60 Minuten



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