Sonntag, 21. April • 13:30 - 14:00

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade


Scrat, Manny, Sid and Diego from the blockbuster animated Ice Age films star in a hilarious holiday adventure, in which harried mother Ethel entrusts her precious, soon-to-hatch egg to Sid. And when she recommends Sid to her neighbours - Condor Mom, Cholly Bear and Gladys Glypto - business begins to boom at his new egg-sitting service. However, dastardly pirate bunny Squint, who's seeking revenge on the Ice Age gang, manages to steal, camouflage and hide all the eggs. With help from Squint's brother Clint, the gang set off on a daring Easter egg hunt. Ray Romano, Denis Leary, Chris Wedge, Seann William Scott, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer and Josh Peck also star.




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21.04.19 • 20:05 • 2016

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