Freitag, 28. September • 13:20 - 13:50

My Life

S7 E1


Documentary series. Fashion designer Isaac attempts his toughest catwalk challenge yet, a slot on the runway at Brighton Fashion Week. Will this 17-year-old be able to beat older and more experienced designers for a catwalk slot? To secure a slot, Isaac needs to come up with a theme. The only person who can help him with this is his fashion hero, Alexander McQueen. Isaac turns to Alexander's retrospective exhibition for inspiration and decides to create 11 designs based on the theme of mental health. For Isaac, who has Asperger's and has experienced being bullied, this theme inspires him and his friend Alice to create 11 incredible designs for his catwalk pitch. Will he win his slot on the runway? And if he does, can Isaac actually pull it off?



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