Mittwoch, 26. September • 21:30 - 08:00

Hank Zipzer

S3 E10


Hank has been drinking cans of Goodness Fizz in order to win games equipment for the school. Miss Luffkin, brand manager for Goodness Fizz, offers Joy more sports equipment in exchange for a branding campaign in the school. Joy, who is falling for her charms, accepts, but the gym is now rebranded as an elite sports centre, and Hank and the other sporting no-hopers are not allowed in. Meanwhile, Emily is campaigning hard to get Goodness Fizz banned, and she discovers that it's 95 per cent sugar. Ultimately, Hank and his Last Picks challenge McKelty to a game of basketball in an attempt to gain access to the elite centre - a showdown which is then interrupted by a campaigning Emily.




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