Remotely Funny
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Donnerstag, 20. September • 17:00 - 17:20

Remotely Funny

S2 E14


Game show. Saara connects three contestants from all over the UK via remote Wi-Fi for games and mayhem. Saara connects to contestants from her favourite-sounding place name - Splott in Cardiff. She gives Lola in Berkshire, Theo in Devon and Beth in County Durham a run for their hoodie in another chaos-causing episode of Remotely Funny. Players stack biscuits on their parents' heads in the kitchen, play the air saxophone whilst wearing pyjamas in the living room and answer a classic Toilet Takedown question on the loo. Also, Saara introduces the groundbreaking bonus round of Guess How Much It Holds to ask the question - how many biscuits can you get in a cowboy boot?



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