Mittwoch, 19. September • 09:50 - 10:15

Remotely Funny

S1 E3


Game show. Saara is in the Netherlands where she connects three contestants from all over the UK via remote wifi for games and mayhem. Saara is joined by a celebrity in their home and because it's a sibling special they've got their sister with them. The mystery star, who once played Simba in the West End show The Lion King, competes via remote wifi against identical twins Ioan and Nate in Hampshire and sisters Molly and Eloise in Bedfordshire. At stake is not one but two Remotely Funny hoodies. The contest begins with some pretty scary game faces and our celebrity guest shows he means business when tasked with bringing back something gross in Bedroom Bonanza. Will his impression of Roux the pomeranian dog's epic sneeze in Loo Tube and his crazy dance moves in Remotely Funny Families be enough to seal the samojis, or will Eloise and Molly's mum's dab dancing steal the show?



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