Remotely Funny
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Dienstag, 18. September • 09:50 - 10:15

Remotely Funny

S1 E2


Game show. Saara's in Finland where she connects three contestants from all over the UK via remote Wi-Fi for games and mayhem. Tearing their houses apart are Molly in Aberdeen, Leonie in Devon and Hope in County Durham. All are eager to hold a Remotely Funny hoodie in their hands. Saara is ready to serve up her special samojis to any worthy contenders. To celebrate all things Finnish, on the menu in Food Flash is cohntersyckenus, one of Saara's all time favourite dishes made up of ice cream cones, spaghetti hoops, chocolate fingers and cheese balls, topped with Finnish gravy of course! In Toilet Takedown we find out how many bottom burps the average person does a day.



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