Hank Zipzer
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Montag, 17. September • 12:20 - 12:45

Hank Zipzer

S3 E6


Mr Rock is put in charge of doing an assembly on marine life, much to the annoyance of Adolf, who wanted to do it in the first place. As Rock pairs Hank up with Anya, Anya reveals that they are no longer an item. Hank didn't even know they were together! Hank then sets out to win back Anya, but Frankie's advice to be cool and distant to Anya backfires terribly, and she becomes more interested in McKelty. When it comes to the final assembly, Hank saves Anya from a huge collapsing prop and all is forgiven, but Anya still has some bad news for Hank. Meanwhile, Emily unaccountably finds herself in love with a boy with a floppy fringe and sparkly eyes, and she tries to find a scientific explanation for it.




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