All Over the Place: Asia
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Samstag, 15. September • 21:30 - 08:00

All Over the Place: Asia

S7 E4


Ed Petrie and his friends find the most unusual places in Asia. Ed and Chris visit the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, otherwise known as the Palace of the Winds. Ed and Victoria are going to a school with a difference, a school for mascots! Ed and Cel find their inner Beatles for a take on their classic Strawberry Fields Forever. Ed and Ben take a trip to a cultural village where members of the local Dayak tribe are celebrating Gawai Dayak, also commonly known as Dayak Festival, one of the major festivals in Sarawak. They try out some local Dayak music and dancing - with varied success! - before taking part in the main event, a blowpipe competition. Using traditional Dayak blowpipes they take aim at a target, and get more points the closer they get to the bull. With three goes each who will score the most points and take the trophy?



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