Moving made easy

You are moving and would like to take Teleboy's offer with you or use Teleboy as a new customer at your new place of residence? On this page you get the necessary information as well as an overview of the individual steps in the ordering process.

Duration and costs

If you move house, Teleboy will not charge you any switching fees. A move or a change of address is also free of charge. As a rule, DSL and fibre-optic connections take 5 to 14 working days (any external services are not included). If no can is installed for fiber optic, it can take a few days longer. If you are not sure whether DSL or fibre optic is available at your new place of residence, you can use our availability check .


With DSL, we need the so-called NSN number (connection number) to set up an Internet line. If you do not know this number, simply give us the first and last name of the previous tenant. If you are moving in for the first time (new building) or if there is no DSL line yet, a line must be activated by the electrician. We ask you to call an electrician as soon as you have received our e-mail with all further information. Experience has shown that the costs for an electrician amount to approximately CHF 150.

Fiber optics

If you already have a fibre optic connection, we need the OTO-ID, which you will find on the socket (usually in the living room). If this is not the case, the installation of the fibre optic socket must be carried out by an electrician. This service is free of charge.

Tip: Ask your new landlord whether charges for a cable connection are included in your additional costs. In this case you can have the landlord seal the connection and save the additional costs. With Teleboy you only watch TV via your internet connection.


You want to cancel your contract with the existing provider? Use our Cancellation page where you will find all important links and forms. If you port a fixed line number, the cancellation is usually carried out automatically. Nevertheless, we recommend to ask your existing provider if you want to cancel your contract on time.

Become a Teleboy customer in just a few steps

To make it easier for you to switch to Teleboy, we have listed all the steps of the ordering process for you below:

1. Configurator

Create your Teleboy Home packet:

  • Choose your desired internet speed (from 20Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s)
  • Optionally choose TV, fixed line and/or mobile telephony.

5. User data

In a second step we need your information.

  • Are you already a Teleboy customer? Then simply register before or during the order process. The already existing data will be directly taken over.
  • Are you a new customer? Then register before or during your order and fill in your missing information.

3. Settings

Here you can let us know your desired connection date. If you have chosen fixed line telephony, you can tell us in the same step whether you want to keep your current fixed line number (fee of CHF 21.–) or get a new one (the area code can be selected).

If you need an Apple TV Box, you can order it directly:

  • Apple TV 4 (CHF 169.–)
  • Apple TV 4K (CHF 199.–)

4. Order overview

Here you get an overview of your order. If an error has crept in, you can easily correct it. Then you can confirm your order bindingly.

5. Confirmation

The order is already placed! In a last step we need the information regarding DSL or fiber optics (NSN or OTO number, see above).

For further questions please contact our Support team.