You will receive a monthly invoice for Teleboy Home's services. You can pay this in different ways. The easiest and most reliable is by eBill.

What is an eBill?

eBill stands for "electronic bill" and offers you the opportunity to pay your bills quickly and easily within e-banking. As an environmentally friendly, free and future-oriented alternative, Teleboy is one of more than 1’170 Companies in Switzerland that use eBill as a payment method. More than 1'000 Swiss banks already support eBill payment. A list of all participating banks can be found here here .

What are the advantages?

With eBill, you can easily and conveniently confirm or process prefabricated bills that you receive from the biller. You don't have to type in long reference numbers.

As with conventional e-banking, you can also set up permanent releases for recurring payment items for the eBill in order to spend even less time on your bills.

You can also pay eBill conveniently while on the move. Simply use the e-banking app to select the appropriate service.

eBill is at least as secure as conventional e-banking. A digital signature on the bill also confirms the identity of the biller and thus the authenticity of the bill.

The bill is paid with just a few mouse clicks and there is no need to enter the long reference numbers. The eBill thus saves an enormous amount of time compared to conventional e-banking.

Invoices can still be downloaded, printed and archived as PDF files.

First steps

Step 1 | Log in to e-banking as usual.

Step 2 | Register for electronic bill receipt in e-banking with just a few clicks in the "eBill" menu item.

Step 3 | You can now select "Teleboy" or "myTV" from a list of billers to receive future eBills.

How do I receive an eBill?

If Teleboy was previously selected as the future biller, all you have to do is to log in to e-banking. You can immediately see whether new bills have arrived. If you don't want to check it every time, you can also get informed about new eBills by e-mail or SMS.

How do I pay an eBill?

Choose the invoice you want to pay. This already contains all information relevant for the payment (account number, reference number, invoice amount). Then select the account to be debited and the execution date. The invoice amount can also be adjusted. In case of discrepancies, you can reject the invoice by clicking on it.

Further information on eBill can be found at .