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Your very own electric car at a fair price

Pay by the month for your fair car subscription service, which comes with comprehensive insurance, taxes, servicing, tyres and energy credit. Lease your Teleboy runabout for six or 12 months now.

Registration & Admission
Service & Maintenance
Charging credit
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smart EQ fortwo

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Renault ZOE Zen

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Term and costs

Term | The minimum contract period is six months. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of this period. The cancellation period is one month.

Costs | The registration fee plus the first two months must be paid upfront. You will then receive an annual invoice, which you can pay in instalments. If you drive more than 1000 km per month on average, you will be charged a flat-rate fee of CHF 0.25 per extra kilometre.

smart EQ fortwo

Renault ZOE Zen

One-off registration fee CHF 299.– CHF 299.–
Monthly fee CHF 399.– CHF 549.–
Insurance (comprehensive)
Vehicle registration
Service checks
All-season tyres
Motorway vignette (Switzerland)
Move charging credit (for 12-month minimum contracts) value of CHF 500.– included value of CHF 750.– included
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  • Registration

    We will register your vehicle with the Road Traffic Office of your canton of residence. Your name will appear on the registration certificate, which you need in order to apply for a Blue Zone parking disc, etc. You can then pick up your car from one of our partner garages and drive away there and then.

  • Servicing and repairs

    Service checks are included in the monthly fee and will be carried out by our partner garage. They can also do any repairs you might need. Naturally if you are in an accident and your repairs are covered by the insurance, the garage can take care of that work as well.

  • How am I insured?

    To ensure you have fully comprehensive cover, car insurance is included in the cost of our vehicle lease. The vehicle is fully covered by our insurance partner Allianz.

    All you need to know about insurance
  • How do I charge my car at home?

    Home charging is the most convenient and cheapest way to charge the battery, especially if you have a charging station, also known as a wallbox, installed at home. You can also charge your vehicle from a standard plug socket using a home charging cable. But since it takes a very long time to charge via the cable and domestic sockets are not generally designed for such high loads over long periods of time, we recommend having a wallbox installed if you plan to charge your vehicle at home frequently.

  • Where can I go to charge the vehicle?

    Public charging stations are opening all over Switzerland – there is excellent national coverage with a reliable network. This includes many floor-mounted charging points in addition to charging points at petrol stations. Many hotels, restaurants and cafés also have charging points in their car parks. We’re offering users charging credit of between CHF 500 and CHF 750.

    Find your nearest charging point here.
  • Benefits of e-mobility

    • Low-emission and low-noise travel with the Swiss electricity mix
    • Free and fast charging with high-power charging, where available
    • Fast acceleration and high energy efficiency
    • Low maintenance costs and free parking when charging at public charging stations
    • You will be entering a new era of mobility

Electrified? - Order your car now.

Everything is included in the monthly charge – there are no extra costs. After your order we will contact you shortly. Any further questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions about Drive Drive

What is the minimum duration?

The minimum duration is 6 months. After this you can cancel the car subscription with one month's notice. If you decide on a 12-month duration, you will receive an annual charge credit of CHF 500 for the smart EQ fortwo and CHF 750 for Renault ZOE.

What if I drive more than 1000 km per month?

That' s no problem - the subscription price includes a maximum of 1000 km per month. For each additional kilometre you pay CHF 0.25. The additional kilometres are charged on the last invoice. Kilometres not driven are transferable to the following month.

Are these electric cars new or used?

The first 200 customers will get a brand new vehicle - after that there will be used cars which are as good as new.

Are third parties also allowed to drive the car?

Yes, third persons are also allowed to drive the car. It is important that the persons have a driving licence valid in Switzerland. You can find further information on this in our T&C (

Can I sublet the car?

No, that's not allowed. You can find more information at

Can I buy the car at the end of the subscription period?

Yes, there's a possibility. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]).

How does the payment work?

Before delivery you will receive an invoice with the one-time registration fee as well as the fee for the minimum term. The first two months must be paid before the vehicle is delivered. After that the payment follows monthly.

How is the car insured?

We insure all cars with Allianz. The deductible is CHF 1'000 for liability events, CHF 3'000 for collision events and parking damage up to CHF 1'000. You can find further information on the website under "How am I insured?".

Is it possible to reduce the deductible?

Yes, please contact us for further information ([email protected]).

What is a wallbox and how can I have it installed?

A wallbox is a charging station for electric vehicles that can be installed in your home. It charges the car battery of electric cars up to 30% faster than the standard charging cable included as standard.

What kind of license plate do I get?

We can't tell you the exact number. But you'll get a license plate from your canton.

Can I get a blue parking card from the local authority?

Yes, the vehicle will be redeemed at your place of residence so that you can apply for a Blue Zone Card if necessary.

Can I use the Teleboy Drive car abroad?

The vehicles may be used outside Switzerland for a maximum of 20 days per calendar year. For insurance reasons, not all countries are permitted. You can find the list of countries in the AGB (

What are the requirements for a Teleboy car subscription?

You need a valid category B driver's license, a residence in Switzerland and a positive credit check.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions of Teleboy Drive?

You can find the AGB under

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