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Android TV

Whether directly on the TV or externally via a set-top box from Nvidia or Xiaomi - Android TV is the affordable alternative for the technically minded. Download the app from the Play Store and enjoy TV with Teleboy and many other apps on the big screen.



Android TV (Sony, Philips, Thomson, TLC, Xiaomi) from year of manufacture 2016.

TV boxes from Nvidia and Xiaomi


Version 7 or newer is required for optimal use.

A stable internet connection of at least 20 Mbit/s should be available to play a single HD stream without jerking.

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App download

  • You need a Google Account - you don't have one yet? Create here your Google Account (you can also use this for all other Google services).
  • Select the Play Store in the TV interface and download the Teleboy App.
  • Log in to the Teleboy App with your access data (which you specified when you registered).
  • You do not have a Teleboy account? Create an account on the Teleboy website. With the same access data you can log in to Teleboy on all devices and in your web browser.


We regularly improve our apps, equip them with new features or fix possible errors. To benefit from the latest version of the app, it is important that you regularly update the Teleboy app or activate the automatic update of the apps in the Android TV settings.

TV subscriptions at a glance

Teleboy TV Free
Full HD -
Dolby Digital -
7-day replay -
Recordings 2400 h 5 h
Worldwide recordings -
Available on TV -
Parallel use 5 devices 1 devices
Download -

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