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Pirates of the Caribbean - Am Ende der Welt

Pirates of the Caribbean - Am Ende der Welt


In the final episode of the pirate trilogy, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and of course Johnny Depp head back out to sea: They link up with Captain Barbossa, the bad guy from Part 1 who was presumed dead, to fight Davy Jones, the squid-head bad guy from Part 2. Their adventure leads them off the known map into Chinese waters, where they meet new pirates who are even more exotic than themselves.

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Les soeurs fâchées

Les soeurs fâchées


Provincial Louise is happy to be picked up by her sister Martine at Paris' train station, but the feeling is by no means mutual. Martine is bitter, cold and bored. She lambastes the cheerful Louise every chance she gets, attacking her for being naive, embarrassing, and generally gauche, until the situation finally escalates. The first feature film by Alexandra Leclère was written expressly for Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Frot, who revel in the sibling rivalry that explodes carefully onscreen, without getting any messy bits on the audience.




A woman from Paris' bourgeoisie decides to drop her husband and child to save a young Maghreb woman who was beaten up before her eyes a few days before, and to help heal her wounds, some of which are physical as well as moral. After previous comedy hits such as "Trois hommes et un couffin" and "La crise", french director Coline Serreau turns to a more serious subject: the bad treatment of women who come from Islamic cultures but live in the West. This delicate subject is handled at once comically and seriously, alternating scenes of suspense with the modern fairy tale, all filmed - starkly - in digital video.

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Bild zu: Grey's Anatomy - 10. Staffel

Teilnahmeschluss: 23.12.2014

Grey's Anatomy - 10. Staffel

Zu gewinnen: 3 mal die 10. Staffel von "Grey's Anatomy" auf DVD Mehr...

Bild zu: Predators


A mercenary finds himself on a strange planet with a group of people fighting for their lives against aliens. Mehr  >>


22:25 - 00:15 Uhr


SRF2 10:25 -12:10 Ski alpin: Abfahrt Frauen

(Die an dieser Stelle geplante Sendung «Jeder Rappen zählt»...

winter sports
SRF2 12:10 -13:25 Ski alpin: Super G Männer

Moderation: Matthias Hüppi, Bernhard Russi

winter sports
Sport1 13:30 -15:30 Darts

Darts WM 2015, 1. Runde, Nachmittagssession.

ORF1 13:45 -14:10 Biathlon Weltcup Pokljuka

Herren Verfolgung.

winter sports
Sport1 15:30 -17:30 Basketball - Die Beko BBL

BG Göttingen - ratiopharm ulm, 14. Spieltag.

SRF2 16:05 -18:45 Eishockey: Arosa Challenge

Schweiz (SUI) - Weissrussland (BLR)., Moderation: Stefan Bürer with La...

ORF1 16:20 -17:00 FIS Weltcup Skispringen Engelb...

Das Springen 2.Durchgang.

winter sports
ARD 18:30 -19:57 Sportschau

Fussball-Bundesliga., Moderation: Reinhold Beckmann